Our services



D-ploy confidently guides the digital transformation of your business and goes beyond a simple migration assistance or (cloud) infrastructure management.

Select areas where you need support and D-ploy delivers a tailored service that can include “simple” file sharing, e-mail services or calendar management, or a provisioning of complex CRM, HRM or project management solutions, international ERP solution, or even a Plant Management Software. All of that from needs analysis through project planning and implementation till application support.

D-ploy is a partner of Exact Software (largest and leading Dutch provider of enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM, HRM, project planning, Invoice scanning and OCR, with the support of international implementations and operations in multiple countries) and provides project management, consultancy and support services for these applications.

Why choose D-ploy for the Software as a Service?

  • Experience with various solutions that fit your need
  • Scalability of selected applications and implementation projects based on the customer size and needs
  • Optimizing efficiency while keeping the costs low
  • Standardised technology and applications – keeping the maintenance costs at minimum