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Whether you have a small business or a large company, having a working, reliable and secure network is a necessity in today’s world.

D-ploy designs, configures, installs, administers, plans, supports and recovers (if ever needed) your new or current networks, including VPNs, routers, firewalls, WANs, LANs and WLANs. In other words: D-ploy offers flexible network solutions tailored exactly to your demand as well as standardized and automated processes that ensure reliability and flawless operation.

Are you experiencing growth and your network is blocking you? Would you like to incorporate BYOD devices into your network? Do you have network issues and no monitoring in place? Do you want to focus on your core business? D-ploy can help.

Why choose D-ploy for the Network Services?

  • Expertise and experience with broad range of network devices and network strategies
  • Experience from both enterprise scale networks and small and mid-size companies
  • Comprehensive range of on-demand delivery models
  • Specialists in network management and maintenance, including performance monitoring
  • Flexibility and customisation of the service to your needs
  • Team of true field and remote experts
  • Cost optimisation