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Do you want to focus purely on your core business and not on standard IT infrastructure? Do you grow rapidly, or need to shrink a bit in order to grow again? D-ploy’s IT as a Service is here for you!

D-ploy provides your company with a full IT environment including a wide selection of IT Services – and you choose which ones suit the needs of your company the best, all based on a monthly fee subscription.

Do not expect rigid service packages, you have the power of choice and pay only for what you really use within the month, with the possibility to upgrade or downgrade anytime. D-ploy helps the IT in your company become standardized, consolidated, and virtualized with an exceptional support, broad range of services, prompt and skillful management, patch and security management and much more.

Why choose D-ploy for the IT as a Service?

  • Transparent pricing structure – pay for what you use
  • Flexibility to scale up or down anytime
  • Service desk in 3 languages
  • Choose from the items you need – Active Directory Services, Exchage and e-mailing service, Microsoft Teams, fileshare space or OneDrive, IP telephony, automated password reset and recovery, various HW provisioning (laptops, desktops, all peripherals), custom server buildup (including backup & server maintenance), professional support – all customizable and flexible so it fits exactly your current situation