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Getting the right people for the job is tough. D-ploy itself is operating in high competitive, resource intensive industry. Over the years we learned a lot from our hiring process and hiring strategy. We have a robust pipeline of resources for the timely staff recruitment. We have transformed this knowledge and expertise into a service for our customers and we are certain we can help you out with staffing.

Present us your expectations and we find the expert in the field according to your criteria and expectations with no hassle for you. Save yourself 6 months of recruitment time before the employee gets all the OKs. Whether you need Payroll Services or Try & Hire recruiting, D-ploy can help you.

Why choose D-ploy for the Resource Staffing and Recruiting?

  • Robust pipeline of resources
  • Skilled team of recruiters and payroll specialists
  • Recruiting is not our core competence, we are an IT company – we have high staff expectations for ourselves, so will we have for your business
  • Various ways of resource provisioning – long term cooperation, short term project assignment, finding the candidate for you – all these options are possible and we will select the right one together