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Employees in every company face and overcome challenges every day.

Often the frame is set by contracts or other business agreements (e.g. SLA) and lead to high workloads and pressure for the employees.

Also, every employee is partially responsible for reaching or even surpassing corporate goals.


Today, these requirements can only be met by specialists with the appropriate training and experience.

The bond to an IT employee is important for the company. The employee's know-how and internal knowledge is invaluable and often is the critical success factor for companies.

Resource shortages, upcoming projects, temporary or long-term commitments require flexible and specialized employees. Here D-ploy can actively support you in achieving success.

Our subsidiary M-ploy specializes in IT recruitment and staffing services. We recruit experienced IT specialists and provide the appropriate training so that they become familiar with the corporate cultures of our customers' organizations. This helps them connect with your employees and allows them to focus on achieving your business priorities immediately.

We match the skills and experience required for each role. Our pool of qualified and motivated specialists can help your business achieve success – we have the resources to help you manage:

  • - resource shortages
  • - upcoming projects
  • - temporary or long-term commitments requiring flexible and specialized employees.

Contact us today to solve your staffing needs.


IT Consulting

IT Consulting

In order to reach the set strategic goals, every organisation needs a clear vision.

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

You require IT services but do not have the capacity to render it?

LAB Services & Solutions

Bronze Services

The convergence of research and development demands proven and tested IT competence.


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