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The convergence of research and development demands proven and tested IT competence.

The highest requirements, complex processes, versatile and innovative applications - These are the characteristics and needs of our customers in this environment. We have a proven track record of many years of practical experience working at varying levels of complexity and technicality across different industries.


We are adept at applying our skills, knowledge and expertise to understand your needs and implement effective solutions professionally.

Our LAB teams are able to manage operations as well as planning and realizing complex projects. We are specialized in the standardization of heterogeneous hard- and software infrastructures from varying vendors.

Contact us for the following services (listing not exclusive):

Standardization, Validation and Documentation in GxP and non-GxP environments

Lab IT Change Management (rollouts, updates, patch management, migrations)

Lab IT Solutions (backup, virtualization, etc.)

Lab Instrument Qualification

Lab IT Processes (analysis, optimization, documentation)

Operations and Support for individual Applications (Chromeleon, eLN, etc.)


IT Consulting

IT Consulting

In order to reach the set strategic goals, every organisation needs a clear vision.

IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Services

You require IT services but do not have the capacity to render it?

Recruiting & Staffing Services

Recruiting & Staffing Services

Employees in every company face and overcome challenges every day.


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